Case Studies - Plaster Ceiling Renovation - Albert Hall Manchester

Designed by WJ Morley this grade 2 listed building was built in 1910 for the Wesleyan Mission and became the Methodist Central Hall.

It was designed in an eclectic style with baroque and gothic elements and contains a lot of floral decoration in the plasterwork. In order to use the stunning hall, above the former Brannigans bar, as a concert venue the floral panelled ceiling needed to be removed to allow reinforced steel joists to be installed to support the upper floor.

Manchester Plaster Ceiling Renovation

Our job was to restore the ceiling to its original state and we did this by taking silicon rubber moulds in-situ prior to removal, and then painstakingly re-instated the floral plasterwork.

The venue was integral to the Manchester International Festival in July 2013 and is then closing to re-open as a bar and restaurant in 2014.

Albert Hall Plaster Ceiling Renovation
One of twelve original floral ceiling panels

One of twelve original floral ceiling panels measuring 6m x 4m on the ground floor.

A copy of the panel was taken to replicate

A copy of the panel had to be taken in order to replicate. This was done by painting each individual mould with the panel with layer upon layer of silicon rubber.

Once the silicon had set a plaster backing case was applied

Once the silicon had set a plaster backing case was applied so when the mould was removed the shape of the cast would remain.

The silicon mould of the centre piece

The silicon mould of the centre piece once removed from the ceiling.

Examples of silicon moulds

Other examples of silicon moulds of various parts of the floral panel

Reinforced steel joist inserted

The centre of each of the panels was removed, a reinforced steel joist inserted to support the floor above, and the beam plasterboarded and skimmed.

panel with damage to the outer wall

Showing another panel with more damage to outer walls.

Bigger perspective of the area to the re-instated

A bigger perspective of the areas to be re-instated

Refitted plaster moulds

Once new plaster moulds were cast off in our workshop, they were painstakingly re-fitted to blend in with the original panel.

New moulds been inserted into existing panel

You can clearly see where the new moulds have been inserted into the existing panel.

Completed panel

The completed panel of one shown previously

An half painted panel

A panel with one half painted

Fully painted panel

A fully painted panel whereby you can no longer see the join where the original meets the new.

Close up of the centre of the floral panel

A close up of the centre of the floral panel showing the deep relief of the mould.

Completed panels within the bar area

Showing the completed panels over the bar area.

Image of the restored plasterwork

A greater perspective of the restored plasterwork.

A beam moulding being fitted, prior to applying the finishing touches

Finished painted beam

The finished beam after painting.

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