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Leyland Decorative Mouldings is a plaster mouldings supplier and fitting service company based in the North West. A family run business the company has built up its experienced team who all have specialist knowledge in the restoration, design and craft of decorative plasterwork.

You can rely on Leyland Decorative Mouldings to provide top class products at reasonable costs. Whether you are restoring your London home to its original Victorian glory or you have a ceiling rose in your Haringey home that has been damaged and needs replacing.

Leyland Decorative Mouldings can send their plaster mouldings direct from the workshop in Leyland to any London home, from Ealing to Southwalk, Lambeth to Hounslow. The company can also supply a superb fitting service so you know you are getting an expert product with expert fitting.

We also supply bespoke plaster mouldings should you have a custom made piece in mind or want to match the existing cornices, corbels or dado rails in your home.

So if you are in need of a corbel in Camden or a rose in Richmond give us a call today and we will find what you are

London Plastering Services

Fitting Plaster Mouldings London

Fitting Plaster Mouldings London

London homeowners can rely on our expert fitting service to ensure that their plaster mouldings are fitted securely and to the best visual effect. Get in touch for a quote.

Plaster Services
Nationwide Plaster Restoration

Plaster Restoration London

We can recreate and restore any original plasterwork in your home that has been damaged or has worn with age. Our abilities in plaster restoration are second to none and have earned us a brilliant reputation for delivering high-class services in a specialised industry.

Restoration or plasterwork is rare and few companies can claim to be able to recreate some of the best ceiling roses and wall mouldings seen in the last few centuries but we can ensure that your plaster mouldings are preserved for the next generation and more to come.

If your London home has features you want to bring back to life we can give you a quote on restoring them and have those looking just as they originally did. Give us a call for a quote now.

Plaster Services
London insurance repair & plastering

London insurance repair & plastering

Having to go through the hassle of a small insurance claim is a nightmare but we aim to make our bit go as smoothly as possible, helping you repair the features you don’t want to lose from your home following fire, flood or other damage. Leyland Decorative Mouldings can offer an effective, fast response to plaster restoration, repair or replacement so your London home can be restored to its former glory in next to no time.

Plaster Services

If you require any of the services listed above then do not hesitate to contact us on 01772 623160

To obtain a FITTING QUOTATION please call Simon on 07712 545542

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